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Not sure which I’m more excited about

how I learned Watson killed it on Jeopardy!


how I learned he’s got a Twitter feed @IBMWatson

The True Meaning of Facebook

A friend of mine asked a me few weeks ago what I thought about the future of Facebook. I answered that it’s interesting for me to think about it, but that I don’t know exactly how to phrase how it will evolve.

Being psychic has always been a dream of mine (literally, I used to dream I was Miss Cleo) but not a realistic goal.

I do know however, that I want to continue that conversation here on my blog.

I mainly use Facebook to talk to my friends and share funny articles/videos/inside jokes. I love laughing, so I love making my friends laugh as well. I also enjoy checking out what my friends are sharing in my newsfeed so I can “stay up to date” with what they’re doing.

I know that the idea of sharing with friends won’t ever go away. I could share with them through phone calls, texts, emails, or IRL, but it’s too hard to connect with everyone.

Note: This is not me saying “omg, it’s such a pain to have friends”.

I say it because I mean it, literally. There’s too much going on in all of our lives to meet in person and talk about everything we’d like to share.

Then I wonder, well, what is this Facebook thing, and why do I choose to share on it?

The answer hit me today, it might be for the trolling capability. For example, I just spent 15 minutes on “Alyssa and Steve’s Wedding Album” (and I don’t know Alyssa, Steve, or anyone in the bridal party.)

I think the fact that Facebook lets us check out people we don’t even know is a big reason I’m still using it. (i.e. Alyssa and Steve’s wedding looked pretty cool. Made me wonder if one day my wedding will be that fun.)

I’d love to hear in the comments what you think will happen with Facebook. And if that’s too broad a question (like it is for me), Why do you use it?


(Second Note: I truly wish you a Happy Holidays. For those of you whom the Holidays stir up feelings of loneliness and pain, I hope laughter and love can carry you through.) 

Just saw this on TV for the first time.

Don’t know if this will work for my Buick just yet, but things like this excite me.